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“The Youngest One”: 2 trailers for 1 movie—by Jim Burt

Because music was such a big part of this film, I decided to make two separate trailers for it to present how music and cryptic images can have a huge impact on a film’s message. That said, I wanted to see what I could do with two separate genres: suspense and drama. As both trailers imply, the movie has quite a few things going on. For example, there is intense violence and vague detail in one trailer, while the other seems to have a touching story between a man and a young girl. More

IMTF Updates

The Looking Planet 2

The Looking Planet wins this year’s Grand Prize

Eric Anderson’s THE LOOKING PLANET has won the Grand Prize in this year’s International Movie  Trailer Festival competition. In the filmmaker’s words “During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression.”

You can see THE LOOKING PLANET and the other main awards in the slideshow at the top of this page.

The other jury awards are:

  • Best Mobile-shot Trailer: ROMANCE IN NYC
  • Best Book Trailer: OUT OF THE BOX
  • Best Documentary Trailer: PAINTING BOLINAS
  • Best Narrative Trailer: PACKAGE #3
  • Best Student Trailer: THE YOUNGEST ONE
  • Best Web Series Trailer: CALLING SOON
Previously we announced that FERAL YOUTH won first place in the People’s Choice Award, and THE SOUND MACHINE won second place.

The judges also designated the following trailers for “Best of the Fest” recognition. In alphabetical order: More

Indie News

1416188077-Feral Youth image

“Feral Youth” Wins the People’s Choice Award

Movie fans voting at IMTF  have chosen Elcid Asaei’s book trailer—“Feral Youth”—for this year’s People Choice Award. The trailer previews author Polly Courtney’s novel of the same title. You can see the trailer here.

Second place in the popular competition went to another book trailer—”The Sound Machine”—based on a short story by Roald Dahl.  The trailer was directed by Britney Ngaw, Katya Lukin, Elena Tranze & Karla Balcaceres.  You can see the trailer here.

Winners of this year’s Grand Prize and other jury awards will be announced on August 15.

Top News

  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2014-2015 Trailer Contest. Read the results in “IMTF Updates” (above).
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  • The Two Pamelas

    The Two Pamelas

  • Sacred-2

    Sacred Journey of the Heart

  • 1384583969-Beyond Tessellate Thumbnail

    Beyond Tessellate

  • The Limit 4

    The Limit

  • 1383604142-Cutlass Thumbnail

    The Cutlass

  • 1377449628-Last Love Lost dvd cover

    Last Love Lost(Official Trailer)

  • 1382685560-PillGirls

    The Pill Girls

  • 1385070168-still5-saunas small

    Blood Type

  • Elfin3

    Elfin Forest

  • The Horde

    The Horde

  • All is calm in the Maggot's nest

    All is Calm in The Maggot’s Nest

  • FAAtrailerthumbnail

    Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen: OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER

  • 3ShadowsEng

    Unforgotten Shadows

  • 1385006382-thumb

    Can You Hear The Music?

  • The Plague Doctor

    The Plague Doctor

  • Fake


  • The Method

    The Method

  • 1384456630-1. PartnersForPeacePoster-1920x1080-72dpi-videothumbnail

    Partners for Peace

  • 1383872523-partners444

    “Partners” Official Introduction Trailer