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The Making of “Magic Bullet” by Errol Schwartz

Magic Bullet is a short-film adaptation of The Cure – a feature film script I wrote mid-2010. In the process of seeking funds for the feature film, I decided to make a short and hopefully use it to pique investor’s interest in the feature. To make this short calling card more compelling I thought, “Why not shoot it on a smartphone?” More

IMTF Updates


Opening date for submissions to IMTF#5

IMTF will begin to accept entries to its next festival starting October 1, 2014.  We will be accepting trailers in all genres–for completed movies and for movies still in the dream stage. Entries must have a rating no higher than PG13.

On October 1, we will post the prizes and all the rules.

If you have questions before then, please write

Indie News


MobileMovieMaking magazine showcases indie shorts—made with mobiles is a new venue for exhibiting the work of indie moviemakers.  This free online magazine focuses on the art and technology of using smartphones and tablets to shoot movies.

Launched on June 1, MMM is published by IndieFilmConnect, the company that founded the International Movie Trailer Festival. The new magazine will exhibit dramas, documentaries, music videos, and works in all other genres…including trailers. The only requirement is that the cinematography be done using a mobile device. More

Top News

  • The 2013 Trailer Contest is now closed for submissions. Results will be announced on December 30, 2013. Voting for the People’s Choice Award has ended.
  • CARTEL ARDE LUCUShorizontalsmall

    Arde Lucus

  • 1362762024-Nick Gun 2 224X100


  • What Lies Beyond

    What Lies Beyond…The Beginning

  • 1361176740-Untitled

    ‘The Mayor’s Daughter’

  • The Long Short

    The Long Short

  • 1363172854-PubQuiz


  • 1371640763-Zrzut ekranu 2013-06-19 o 13.18.25


  • 1364337524-Night Terrors Poster

    Night Terrors

  • Debbas

    The Legendary Debbas, the Ghost

  • 1369575176-kara_power

    Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1

  • Frostbite


  • 1361540834-out of reach thumbnail

    Out of Reach Trailer

  • Mama Europa

    Mama Europa

  • The Dead Famous

    The Dead Famous

  • 1363643764-ars9


  • 1362229234-gang beat_imtf

    Gang beat

  • The Friend

    The Friend

  • The Sparkle

    The Sparkle

  • 1370883066-watchdogs thumbnail compressed

    Watch Dogs

  • 1361504106-The Devil Beneath Movie Photo 3

    The Devil Beneath