07-07-07 Amorita’s Unlucky Day

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Sports
  • Director: Pierre Marcel
  • Producer: Bill Doyle & Jed Pearsall

In today’s throw-away society, experience a refreshing story about those who refuse to accept defeat, and fight to save an important piece of American history. Follow the life of one of the most historic yachts in North America and all those that have cared for her in her 100+ years, right up until her fateful day on July 7, 2007, where she was run-down and sunk within seconds. This documentary, made mostly of archival footage, shows the extraordinary dedication a succession of caretakers have given this magnificent vessel over the years, and the never-say-die passion when faced with adversity. This film touches on how inanimate objects represent a century of life-stories and shows the rare dedication required to save these items in today’s throw-away society. [USA]

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