SPACE TOURS – Mission E. V. A.

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Andreas Auinger
  • Producer: Andreas Auinger & Rainer Kantz

The travel group TUILET TOURISTIK plans a cruise of absolute superlatives. So it sends the space ship YUZNA into space with a four-man crew and super computer E.V.A. on board to explore vacation destinations no tourist has ever seen before. As you can imagine, this venture is a thorn on SPECTACLE TRAVELS side, their competition. The Science-Fiction comedy SPACE TOURS – MISSION E.V.A. is an action packed trip through the last 100 years of the history of film and television, made up of thousands of parodies, pastiches and quotes. An absolutely-no-budget production that definitely surpasses Plan 9 from Outer Space. [Austria]

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