• Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Animation
  • Director: Aryanto Yuniawan
  • Producer: M Suyanto

BATTLE OF SURABAYA recounts to you the adventure of Musa, a spontaneous, brave, thirteen-year-old shoe shiner, who makes a living under the pressure of necessity or poverty in the era of Japanese colonialism. In spite of the fact that life is not easy, he leads a life patiently. To Musa, life is a choice. As a matter of fact, being a shoe shiner is not bad; still, such a job less leads to what he is struggling for, that is to say: patriotic spirit and peace, both based on divine values. Physically he is only a teenager; however, mentally he is a hero. He makes up his mind of choosing a job as a courier. Here, he is not a courier who merely delivers common letters, but the secret letters concerning the strategy of the war adopted from the true, pierce war that broke out in Indonesia, exactly in Surabaya on November 10th, 1945. It is worth for you watching this film to see how Musa, with such letters, mediates the youths of Surabaya in the war; and how the youths, who are armed only with bamboo spears, are able to win the war with the allied forces, while such forces, which are developed under the aegis of the Dutch government, are armed with modern weapons. [Indonesia]


  1. That was cool, nice animation!

  2. alan says:

    good movie trailer

  3. bunglon says:

    terharu sama bangga gan, liat filmnya..
    #semoga sukses

  4. nice… ayou maju terus karya bangsa Indonesia

  5. lado says:

    cool, thats my college’s work !!

    Gotta support it !!

  6. ναη says:

    Mantap gan! Lanjutin buatnya , tpi jangan Surabaya doank .
    Nasional donk! kya Indonesia aje , biar orang” yg gx dari surabaya Support sepenuhnya film ini .

  7. great movie trailer …!!!

  8. fathuri says:


  9. Rio Bahtiar says:

    awesome <3 animation, impressed with his voice that seemed 3d effect, although his voice is not good filler ..

  10. it’s a wonderfull film, about Surabaya of Indonesia!

  11. idam says:

    NIce, go Indonesia!
    Stimik amikom mana nih?

  12. ipur says:

    keren banget trailernya…
    semoga menang,.

  13. Masrur says:

    Love you Battle of Surabaya, Love you Indonesia, Love you AMIKOM :)

  14. amazing,…

  15. Ekky Pr says:

    Wah keren ini film nya … karya Amikom memang tidak bisa diragukan lagi … Maju terus kampus Ungu

  16. Awsome plots and characters…
    Can’t wait any longer for this movie..

  17. Renal Dy says:


  18. best of the best movie in indonesia

  19. It’s Awesome!
    Hope soon released..
    can’t wait!!

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