Blue Planets

  • Category: Book
  • Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Director: Ron Bridgemon

Cooper Ridley, a disgraced Navy SEAL with anger issues, needs to get away from it all. So he embarks on a 1200 mile kayak journey down the Baja peninsula. When an alien ship crashes into the Gulf of California, Ridley discovers an injured alien whose fate is in his hands. The clandestine Phoenix Project will stop at nothing to acquire the alien and his advanced technology. Now on the run, the alien Azrnoth-zin tells Ridley of a deadly threat to earth. Invasion by an alien armada is imminent. They must run a gauntlet of sinister agents from the Phoenix Project in order to deliver the alien to his rendezvous point. Ridley must make a decision that could impact every living being on earth.

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