Brooklyn Nights

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: LoveStory
  • Director: Gerald Schoenewolf
  • Producer: Gerald Schoenewolf

A solitary young man named Seth wanders onto the Brooklyn Bridge one evening and discovers Natasha leaning across the railing and crying. He has never had a relationship with a woman before, so he hesitates. But when a drunk accosts her, Seth comes to Natasha’s rescue and invites her to take his arm and flee the scene. Thus begins a five-night relationship between two lonely young people in a Brooklyn Park. Based on the novella, “White Nights,” by Dostoevsky, Brooklyn Nights follows Seth and Natasha as they talk, laugh, sing, hug and cry their way across the long summer evenings. The film explores the ups and downs of love in today’s world, where intimacy is increasingly kept at a technological distance, and it provides an in-depth, realistic portrait of a relationship that is true to Dostoevsky’s vision and a reflection of the filmmaker’s modern interpretation of that vision. [USA]

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