But I Am Not

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Luigi Alberton

“But I am not… What you can see of me”

Peak Sass de Stria (2477 mt.), Eastern Dolomites, Fort “Tre Sassi” (Three Stones), Italy. Alessio is a young guide at the Fort “Tre Sassi”, now a World War I museum close to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. He’s a troubled and restless young man. His summer job as a historical guide at the museum fires up an inner fever that consumes him. One night, unable to control himself, he steals something from a display case in the museum and runs to the top of Peak Sass de Stria, the Witch’s Stone.

Here Alessio relives the nightmare of a battle fought a hundred years before, on 18th October 1915, in that vey place. One of many forgotten battles. 
…14 soldiers climb up, in the darkness, to conquer the Peak… Exertion, cold, fear … The hopeless wait for the backup troops, the assaults, the shooting, the blood shed… The tricoloured flag… In the face of death, these soldiers hang on to what “life” really means to them. To Antonio Foschi “life” is his lover, Teresa, and the thrills of being a smuggler. To Mario Fusetti, it’s patriotism and family. To Giovanni Olivieri, it’s an untold secret… From the folds of time their everyday lives gradually surface.

Alessio sinks into this nightmarish vortex. Until the final revelation.


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