• Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Horror/Adventure/War
  • Director: Gerard Escuer
  • Producer: Alba Somoza & Roberto López

Nothing to eat. Almost out of water. Almost out of ammunition


World War I, African Front. Almost two months ago Private Benjamin’s squad was isolated after an enemy’s advance that shattered the British Front’s communications. Surrounded, besieged by the enemy’s fire with no other choice but to survive in the only shelter the desert can provide, the only place to hide from the scorching sun, the infernal crack in the ground called trench.

Lacking the possibility to contact the command post, and having used up most of their strength, food and ammunition it seems all they can do is wait for death, that always impatient promiscuous slut.

Desperation and hunger drive the soldier on duty* to suicide. Despite the absurd the squad’s situation is so desperate it seems necessary to risk two others men’s lives to gain the soldier’s dead body back. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back on the sanity of some of the soldiers, who have been under great physical and psychological pressure since an unexpected German artillery attack that took place two months ago cracked the trench fort into several different and isolated sections. Lacking the possibility of contacting the command post, the only option is to obey the orders the squad has received: keep their position until the takeover squad arrives. The old and tough Captain Lewis will make sure it happens. The penalty for desertion or cowardice will be death.

and then… things get ugly. Sapper Stanton, Captain’s old friend, always tampering with explosives and non-detoned gas bombs, dies under strange circumstances, making the Captain lose what little sanity he had and turning the trench that was his shelter into a gloomy crack they are all trapped in and that will be the tomb for them all……unless they venture to leave it, to look for a way out through the red and relentless desert… they may not find the one they’re looking for… but a way out is a way out…


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