• Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Biopic/docu-drama
  • Director: ROB VILLANO

This is the official trailer for the upcoming 2014 film “diamonds to dust” a rob villano film in association with frank ferruccio enterprises/villanovision films. starring hailey heisick, adrian gorbaliuk, mike funk, rocco palmieri, susan capicotto, tj mcneil and lisa marie henricks. [USA]


  1. Lauren says:

    Gritty, indie film that tells the real story of icon Jayne Mansfield… Wonderful effort from first time producer Frank Ferruccio that really feels like more of an art film than an indie bio pic. A much darker and grittier story (there’s no similarities here to 1980’s Jayne Mansfield Story starring Loni Anderson) Ferruccio’s movie shows Mansfield as she was; a complex woman of super intelligence trying to navigate the ups and downs of Hollywood as a “dumb blonde” while maintaining a family life. A woman who wouldn’t be the first to ask, “Why can’t I have it all?” Unfortunately for Mansfield she became trapped in a prison of her own making and her way of handling the stress (and you’ll know when you see the film, she had plenty) was to turn to pills and booze. I walked away from this film wondering what would have become of her if she had lived. It appeared Mansfield was a survivor and I would like to think at some point she would have turned it around. Sadly, the world will never know, but her place has been cemented in pop culture history.

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