Project: Dirt Road

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Mragendra Singh
  • Producer: Caitlin Susannah Kelly & Kanu Priya Singh

A young man decides to leave his comforts, and travel to a rural village of India in hopes of generating awareness about these forgotten places and people. [USA]


  1. aprajita says:

    this is just awesome..:P

  2. Great. Really looking forward to watch the movie. :)

  3. great work avin>>>very professional ….keep it up

  4. Ashwin Nayak says:

    lovely work avin……proud of you

  5. very nice job :)
    keep it up kanu :)

  6. Nice work done by the team.

  7. Valeja Manoj says:

    amazing avin……….very good work..proud of you

  8. Karan Kapoor says:

    lovely work avin…….all the best
    you rock>>>

  9. Sapna Sweet says:

    avin wowowowowowowow

    superlike honey…keep it up

    oll the best

  10. avin you are superb>>>>

  11. Seema Valeja says:

    great work avin…..keep it up

  12. required says:

    veer nice

  13. great work avin…..

  14. awesome trailer. waiting for complete movie.

  15. Anna Sharma says:

    all the best.. :)

  16. clara says:

    Avin you are looking so nice…

  17. Looks pretty neat… well shot!

  18. malini patel says:

    Wishing you the best as always:~)

  19. Awesome!…All the very best for the movie!

  20. Stuti Jain says:

    Waiting eagerly for May..!!… 😀

  21. surekha says:

    very well made…all the best…

  22. nishant says:

    Awesome!…All the very best for the movie!

  23. Ambika Johar says:

    simply awsum…. all the best avin :) :) :) really proud of u :) :)

  24. classic direction…nice work behind the camera…i am in loss of words :)

  25. sanjay dayal says:

    lovely movie, all the best

  26. bajrang says:


  27. Diksha Gupta says:

    nice work!!all d best for d movie!

  28. jerina says:

    Good job avin…
    All the best to u and your team

  29. karan says:

    Like your work avin
    All the best for your team

  30. ishan says:

    Avin u looking great…all the best

  31. aryan says:

    Good job avin

  32. it is just awesome… waiting for the movie..

  33. this looks lovely a beautifully filmed trailer! interested to see more! Good luck with everything. I am a big fan!!!

  34. Pankaj Rawat says:

    awesome trailer,hope it will create history.

  35. amazing… i just love it…

  36. Rachna Julka says:

    Love the trailer… cant wait to watch the movie!! all the best..

  37. nicely done

  38. shivani says:

    g8 wrk kanu..,turely speechless:| :)

  39. great …. would love to watch

  40. Singh Sulabh says:

    Nice to see the amazing creative work in vaccation to india

  41. Nice Movie!!! Will must watch!!!

  42. hey jus loved the trailer and cant wait for the whole movie :)

  43. i really like this movie’s trailer.i liked aprajita’s work.XD

  44. harshit says:

    good work..Aprajita !!

    will be wating fr d documentary…

  45. ADARSH says:

    rocking performance by APRAJITYA. GREAT TALLENT

  46. ADARSH says:

    rocking performance by APRAJITYA. GRE

  47. Abhishek says:

    excellent work done by “APRAJITA” Wonderful movie,

  48. Awsome work… looking forward to see this movie…

  49. nice 2 see d amazing n excellent effort by all. gud trailer

  50. Suyash Singh says:


  51. Pooja Gupta says:

    Amazing work dada………..Hope this works out amazingly well………..May God Bless all of you….

  52. Spaa Gupta says:

    amazingly awsum work…gr8 keep it up!!!!!!

  53. [:))][:p]

  54. Amano Dhyan says:

    ye chala hai sikka.. tameez se.. ab dikha de jalwe launda.. haha

  55. Ajay Bundela says:

    fantastic efforts by youngsters ! Wou

  56. Shweta Singh says:

    Very nice efforts ! Best of Luck

  57. Ajay Bundela says:

    Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Dausaab U looks superb

  59. sumit singh says:

    guy superb yar….u guys realy done a great job..avin nd abhimanyu…., ALL D BEST…

  60. Dau Saab Superb

  61. anubha says:

    must watch and too vote it

  62. ASHISH KHARE says:


  63. Glenn C says:

    This has a beautiful look! Love the color.

  64. wow! amazing trailer….aprajita must say you have done a great work….
    best of luck!!!!

  65. very good work

  66. good work

  67. Abhishek says:

    nice yaar APRAJITA
    veryy nice … gud wrk

  68. Ajay says:


  69. bhavishya says:

    awesome movie and fabulous work :) and my cutest friend aprajita you rocks <3 :)

  70. Aprajita di u have done an excellent work..XD

  71. Pravesh says:

    Very nice Aprajita
    Good job done……………

  72. Akshay Kumar says:

    very good trailer .. Aprajita di looking so HOT..:P

  73. hey aprajita sis looking very georgious and beautifull

  74. abhilesh says:

    Amazing,Outstanding,Gr8 going Aprajita !


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  78. sambhavi says:

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    Good job done……………

  80. Eesha Mehra says:

    Very nice Aprajita
    Good job done……………

  81. ashishmehera says:

    hey guys u have done very good work..

  82. shanu says:

    this is awesum..waiting to see full movie..

  83. parag says:

    wow!.. i loved it..seriously..:)

  84. kiran says:

    great job..guys..keep it up

  85. Ashok Jha says:

    great job……

  86. All the Best…

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