Faith in the Big House

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Director: Jonathan Schwartz
  • Producer: Ted Poitras

Faith in the Big House takes us inside the workings of an evangelical Christian prison retreat, a new fixture in America’s lock-ups. Prison Ministries aim to harvest souls for Christ, and reduce the incidence of inmates who end up right back in lock-up after release.

Outside Baton Rogue, Louisiana, at a sprawling maximum security prison farm, half a dozen prisoners wait to be immersed in a crowded “ encounter with Christ”.

Will a rock guitarist, a gang-banger from the notorious Ninth Ward, a self-styled prison theologian, a pedophile now choir director, and a Muslim ex-football star encounter the possibility for long term redemption? Will they stay out once they get out, or face prompt re-incarceration. [USA]

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