Fools on the Hill

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Politics
  • Director: Jed Rigney
  • Producer: Jerrol Lebaron & Eliza Bayne

‘Life is a tale told by an idiot-full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ -William Shakespeare. Jerrol LeBaron might be that idiot. Frustrated by useless rhetoric and backroom deal-making in politics, average citizen Jerrol LeBaron sets out on a journey to make our politic ans do the jobs they were hired to do. In this modern-day David vs. Goliath… Jerrol’s inexperience may be his best weapon. Can on one man really make a difference with all this political incompetence and legislative corruption? Probably not. But that’s not going to stop Jerrol from giving it a shot. [USA]


  1. Margret Mead said something about change coming from small groups.

    In my 71 years, much of it around Government it has been my observation that the larger it becomes the less useful it becomes.

    This holds true for industry as well.

    It is not the individual people but the SYSTEM that becomes unworkable.

  2. ingaz says:

    How true!!! Let’s vote all of them out and demand that they aren’t there for more than two terms!! Enough is enough!! Beautifully done movie!

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