Gorkha Protector

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Human Rights
  • Director: Akash Adhikari
  • Producer: Shuny Bee

The martial arts sensation, Shuny Bee, strikes the city of Kathmandu as the Gorkha Protector, to stop the human trafficking of young innocent girls. He pledges to bring an end to this evil vice that has plagued his hometown. His dedication, determination and discipline play an important role to take down the gang lord of the trade market and bring peace and harmony to the city. An action packed drama with no wires, no animation, and no special effects! [USA]


  1. interplay says:

    Very cool. Lots of action all natural. The real deal.

  2. kiran says:

    aalu filim ….

  3. Shuny is a great guy and has our vote. His kids, and wife,are pretty cool too.

  4. fghjl;' says:

    khai na pai ko film

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