• Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Eitan Pitigliani
  • Producer: Menahem Golan &Laura Susanne Ruedeberg

Leila, a polish woman in Berlin, falls in love with Hans, a SS Soldier. Their love will go through lots of events. First, the Second World War. Germany attacks Poland. [Italy]


  1. Daniela says:

    Great!…..as usual!!!!

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    very nice!!! congrats

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  5. Nina Murano says:

    Thoughtful and Provocative!

  6. Bello…poetico…..

  7. marie-anne says:

    nice! keep on going!
    from France

  8. Edo XD's says:

    bell lavoro!

  9. fantastico!!! molto bello!!!

  10. davide says:

    grande!!! sei forte Eitan…

  11. Tommy says:

    Really nice!

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  13. Flora says:

    I want to see the feature now!

  14. I like it! vote !

  15. vai EITAN ce la farai!!!!!!

  16. Bravo! Oggi che e’ Yom HaShoa’ mi hai fatto un regalo. Io ti do il massimo dei voti. Vieni in Israele a presentarlo.
    Quando lo vedro’ per intero? I’m waiting

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