Mama Europa

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Geo-politics
  • Director: Petra Seliskar
  • Producer: Brand Ferro

Mother Europe is a humorous creative documentary confronting the borders of Europe and those whose lives are closely associated with them. The film takes us on a journey around Europe, with a narration delivered by Terra, a five-year-old girl whose curiosity ushes her into discovering the world around her.

The journey takes us across physical borders and amidst the waiting queues before the bureaucratic borders. We leap across political borders, dig under the historical borders, test the educational borders.

The story takes us closer to the people whose lives were influenced by the borders. With the help of fishermen, we will search for the tri-border on the Adriatic Sea between Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. We will take a look at the political game of chess played between Macedonia and Greece with a anarcho-punk band Bernays Propaganda. [Slovenia]

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