Metro 2034: Last Light

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy
  • Director: Vuk Valkonen

20 years after the Third World War, In the year 2034 Moscow Metro stands as the humanity’s last refuge against mankind’s total extinction. Written, Directed and Edited by Vuk Valkonen Produced by Vukboy, Oskiboy n Leevi (Evenstar Studios) VFX by Oskari Lehtonen Cinematography by Vuk Valkonen In association with Erlium Productions. [Finland]



  1. Metro 2034 trailer is pretty mysterious (most likely intentionally so) and emotionally strongest of some 30 trailers I’ve watched this far. It leaves me with strongest emotional impact and a mind boggling question what the heck is going on. Interesting, can’t forget the trailer.

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