Porcelain Presence – Official Trailer 1

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Emily E. Bibb / Chris Jay
  • Producer: Emily E. Bibb / Chris Jay

From a young age Brian has always been obsessed with Porcelain Dolls, now in his adult life he dominates his wife Anna into living out his twisted fantasy.

After moving to a new neighbourhood it seems their relationship that’s been built upon violence and fear isn’t going to stay secret for long…

Their unhealthy relationship is eventually unearthed by two neighbours, Sharon and Penny. After a violent struggle, Brian’s torment is finally bought to an end.

It soon becomes clear they weren’t the only ones to witness Brian’s untimely demise and must discover the truth before it is too late… [UK]


  1. Have always found Porcelain Dolls … rather ….. SINister

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