• Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Director: Jeffrey French
  • Producer: Jeffrey French

PUB QUIZ is a documentary that explores the culture of competitive quizzing, from the neighborhood pub, where high scores earn bottles of wine or a few dollars, to television game shows, where contestants win fortunes.

Directed by Jeffrey French, with cinematography by Mark Eveslage, PUB QUIZ shuffles through the world of quizzing, where we examine the science behind our desire to retain and recall trivial things, in the Age of Information, where know-it-alls are king.


  1. Ian Woolley says:

    This mini documentary captures the enthusiasm perfectly of the fun of the quizzing fraternity in America today!

  2. Beautifully composed. Entertaining, even for those that could give a rat shit about pub trivia. You have a gift, Jeffrey.

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