• Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Action
  • Director: Aaron Fronk
  • Producer: Cooper Johnson

A young boy with a broken brain must punch to save his father. [USA]


  1. Alex Pelling says:


  2. Miles says:

    I love you guys with a passion.

  3. Zach G says:

    THE best trailer known to man… I love you guys


  5. Ive been with you since you’ve posted “Annoying” havent stopped watching since.

  6. The choice of music is just perfect at the end!
    I love this video and I wish it would have more views!

  7. They Deserve to win this!

  8. FND films has always been amaziiiiiiing

  9. christian says:

    This is amazing, hope you guys win!

  10. I want my FND windbreaker cooper! ^.^

  11. Andre Gaspar says:

    “I WANT YOU TO WIN!!! WIIIIN!!!!!”

    seriously i really want you guys to win. you guys are the best!!!

  12. Comedy has a new face…because its face got punched off his fecken face.

  13. Kevin Harper says:

    That thing you said to do in that video. Yeah that thing.. I did that.

  14. lmfao love it<3

  15. You guys are the GREATEST!

  16. I have action world on DVD and an NRG Phuk shirt – You guys are the best!!!

  17. This is fantastic.

  18. I can’t believe this is only in 3rd. This video makes the first two videos ahead in votes look like baby turtles trying to eat a human corpse (disturbingly terrible). Hope you guys win!

  19. These guys deserve a chance to make some more movie magic.

  20. Tim Young says:

    LETS GO!!!!!

  21. I’ve been watching these guys’ videos since I was 19 or 20. I’m 25 now and I love them more then ever! VOTE FOR THEIR CRACK HEAD WAYS!!!!!

  22. Loved you since Annoying Roommate. Keep it up

  23. i want a fmd wind breaker from cooper!!!

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