Rust Within Olympus

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Blake Lyon
  • Producer: Tate Yurica

‘Rust Within Olympus’ is a film short designed to resemble the trailer to a full-length movie. The overarching theme of the short centers around narcissism, and the damage a narcissistic person can do to those around them. A true narcissist never consciously chooses their actions; the disorder creates a distorted sense of self. This story is told from my perspective, watching pathological narcissism take over, and ruin, the life of someone extremely close to me. The protagonist of the story is the personification of narcissism, portrayed as a Spanish explorer obsessed with finding a ‘Garden of Eden’ (which, in reality, is his self-obsession). He will do anything, use anyone, and let anyone die without a second thought if it means getting him closer this place.  [USA]


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