Sacred Journey of the Heart

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Educational/Science
  • Director: Skip Thomas
  • Producer: Ronna Prince

Have you ever started on a journey to a specific destination only to end up somewhere completely different? As writer-producer Ronna Prince began filming, she had no intention of sharing her long buried secrets. But by courageously revealing her childhood abuse, the film evolved into a compelling documentary about healing, forgiveness and transformation. More than just a compilation of facts, this film contains step-by-step suggestions on how to live fully in the heart. Ronna brings together a stellar cast of leading scientists, teachers and indigenous elders from around the world to present the primary message of the film: We are all connected through the human heart. The heart truly creates a unified field among people AND connects us with the harmonic field of earth itself. [USA]


  1. gini hoover says:

    Beautiful story of “The courage it takes to heal’
    and your way back to the heart of wholeness .

  2. Julia says:

    This look wonderful! Thank you.

  3. Saskia Ykema says:

    Thank you and I know how we collectively are one (thus also our collective emotions, like childhood abuse (me too). May I give you a very profound and healing meditation, that helps me so much? it’s called Twin Heart meditation of Master Choa Kok Sui. In this meditation you firstly re-activate a happy event in your life and ‘place’ that into your physical heart. then you focus your attention above your crown-center, which is the Universal Heart and again you are guided to a loving, warm remembering and ‘place’ that into the Cosmic/universal heart above your heart. Then you are telling that you allow yourself to be channel of divine guidance and love to let flow into yourself. Then you place your hands in front of your physical heart, imagining the Earth as a little bal in front of you, sending Divine, Universal love THROUGH yourself, to mother earth. Really: when doing this meditation, you feel só re-connected again, realising that we are so much more then just a physical body, our emotions, thought etc. Tears run from my eyes, everytime (especially when we are doing this every sunday and tuesday evening with skype-group, which enhances the power enormously). I look forward to see your movie Ronna! With love and light, Saskia Ykema, The Netherlands (healing from breastcancer) 😉

  4. Saskia Ykema says:

    p.s: 6 years ago, when I had my 1st breastcancer, I healed it, within 1 month. How? While being in a Healing-Journey session (Brandon Bays), I firstly re-experienced very old, traumatic events in my life (in that session I came into my colon, where, indeed, still was the cellular remembering of my childhood abuse, as a young child, and other traumatic rememberings), but…all of a sudden, I ‘shifted’ from that remembering and somehow I dive into my heart, ‘seeing’ a beam of light coming from my heart ánd the feeling of love, sending this tó this traumatic event. After that 1st session, the knot in my breast had already shrunked. If you are interested in the rest of this unbelievable healing (also for myself at that time), you can email me: Blessings, Saskia Ykema

  5. lucy says:

    When and how can I watch this Sacred Jounrey of the Heart Doc? Many thanks in advance


  6. Beautiful and timely. The most important act we all take is to connect with our hearts on a moment by moment basis. The answers we are seeking lie within.

  7. Jalal Amrani says:

    Looking forward to viewing this film.

  8. B Hicks says:

    FABULOUS, and VERY timely….

  9. Michael Oh says:

    Yes , we are connected…

  10. keep going guys the amazing revealing journey of the heart…
    I thank you and I love you…

  11. Azul Auralea says:


  12. it only takes one percent squared of any given population to change everything. So come along people

  13. Karen says:

    Where can I see / buy this? Love its content/purpose. I vote bring it to theaters! Bless you ten golf for having “heart”.

  14. Katherine M says:

    Oh my, Truly grateful for every single Documentary that Gregg Braden has been in. Blessings,

  15. Lillian says:

    I am a life coach and want to change the world through teaching this kind of knowledge and spreading this information as fast as possible. I completely understand this idea and truth of our inter-connectivity and the power of our hearts. I have been receiving messages since I was young to help heal the world and this is exactly how to do it. Thank you for making this movie!! Now, How/where do I see it!! 😉

  16. I would love to get a coupon to buy the movie!

    Thank you !!!

  17. Amour et verite
    There is truth in love
    VER I TE ( I see you in me)
    you can see yourself in I and our love is the soul (Am Our in French).
    The Am e (soul)
    upside down
    Ma (quoi) what in Hebrew.
    we are all connected through the original lan

  18. when will this be out on dvd through amazon? thanks you

  19. Michele says:

    I cannot wait to see this!!

  20. Judith Otto says:

    Gregg is one of my all time favorites. Can’t wait to see anything “new” that he’s involved with. He just has an easy way about himself that makes you feel the “coherence” he so often mentions! Love that guy!

  21. Kathy says:

    I can’t wait to see it. When and where??

  22. Ronney says:

    Magnificent – recommend the WORLD to see and learn!!
    THANK YOU for a major contribution.

  23. Debbie says:

    when is this available?

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