The Book of Songs (official Trailer)

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Nomar R. Rosa
  • Producer: Nomar R. Rosa

J.B is a young man who has been hiding a dark secret from his sister for years. A secret he is scared to reveal because of the consequences given by Sarah’s boyfriend Antonio. At the age of 12, JB learned what it was like to lose the most important people in his life. The only person he could confide in (his father) was not there anymore to hold him close and to raise him (Antonio). He had no other choice but to stay with his sister and the one person he fears the most. JB meets Bane, a charismatic young man who befriends him and shadows JB as he heads to school. He also meets Pastor Harris, a Man of God whos church resides across from JB’s school. As Pastor Harris attempts to create a friendship with JB, Bane notices and dislikes the idea and uses the intimidating factor that Antonio uses on JB to do as he says. At home JB confronts Antonio and the outcome changes JB’s perspective about ever finding the love he used to have from his father and even having the hope to live. What he doesnt know is that there is hope for those hopeful. [USA]


  1. june cooper says:

    great movie , very touching Good luck to the director

  2. yolanda says:

    Awesome short film! i’m looking forward to more of Nomar’s work1 YD

  3. JenniG says:

    Hey Nomar! I voted! =0D Sorrie if im late but , i saw the film…Im proud of u. Keep on doing it hun and i cant wait to see more of ur work. =0) Much Love and Support from ur friend Jenni G ;0)

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