The Dresden Codex

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Ivon Skula
  • Producer: Ivon Skula

Being a homicide detective, Tom has seen many innocent people sacrificed.
The victim of this particular homicide was a young man and the killing was committed ritualistically. Ancient Mayans would perform sacrifices to their Gods, spilling their victims in exactly the same way.
The case gradually reveals the depraved customs held by a mysterious cult of Mayan Calendar confessors. With the mystical winter solstice swiftly approaching, the conviction that their faith will lead to a brighter future strengthens. So sure are they of their task, that they willingly defy the moral principles which form the foundation of modern human society.


  1. Hanci H. says:

    The best! :o)

  2. Ivon Skula says:

    Hello, thank you :)

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