The Fallen

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Yasutake Torii

A respected cop, Mutoh, becomes the number one suspect on a serial murder case that threatens to unveil a number of long past mysteries, those that implicate Mutoh himself and MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) itself. With his wife who’s pregnant and about to have their first baby on one hand, Mutoh races against time to solve the crime before anybody else does in order to save his name and his family… but at the same time, he has to ask himself for the reason why he has become a cop must have been of the good cause. He desperately needs to figure out what he is meant to do. [Japan]


  1. A fine trailer, just too loaded with dialogue and voice-over. Could do better if 20-30 seconds shorter. Manages to leave emotional track. A good change of pace around the mid point.

  2. This looks sweet, I love the style! I’ve think I’ve seen something done by you, have one of your films ever been shown at the Hyart Film Festival?

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