The Last Scene Chapter 4 : The Killing Pleasure

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Didier Theodore
  • Producer: Dima Productions

Jimmy Letourneau, director, filmmaker, finds himself in an interrogation room. Obviously without knowing what he’s doing there. It has only one obsession: His film. This is what will soon discover, to their cost, the two officers involved in interviewing Jimmy. Tom Harrison, inspector very devoted to his profession, and Larochelle Kathy, her ambitious intern. Who is this man really? A simple on, thinks it’s a genius of the seventh art, or a real danger to his fellows. Tom and Kathy will enter the imagination of Jimmy to find out. Film, three chapters, three murders, a masterpiece. Three murders, the perfect excuse to cause any good police officer. Forced to listen to his story, they will learn gradually really hidden behind this mysterious young man. The beauty of reality, such is his motto. The public is willing to live this turn. His film will be the summary macabre, which led him in this room. Filming his last scene, the alibi for his actions. [Canada]

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