The Long Count

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Horror/Thriller
  • Director: Harvey Li & Arthur Mah
  • Producer: Harvey Li & Arthur Mah

Trapped in the middle of nowhere, he isn’t allowed to leave. Every few days, a dead animal is dropped a few meters in front of his cabin, oozing putrid blood. The steps come from the forest edge, but they never return. As if they just disappear after leaving the animal. They come closer every time.

There have been no living animals in months, only dead ones left for him. But he can’t eat them….there’s only one option left.

He digs until he hits wood – The animals stopped that day. One night, the foot prints appear again. This time outside his door. Terrified, he sits with his gun, only to wake up to the same prints standing in front of him – inches from where he sits.



  1. Alex Sackiw says:

    Amazing. This is something I would definitely go see in theaters.

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