• Category: Web Series
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Director: Ric Forster
  • Producer: Zoltan Deak

THIRD BASE is a teen sci-fi drama TV series set in 2062. It follows troubled 17 year old RILEY COLE, as he is forced to follow his father and relocate to Mars. Living in a research station with thirty scientists, engineers and their families. This isn’t exactly the life Riley imagined. He’s determined to cause trouble and get them sent home. Caught taking drugs with the base doctor’s daughter MISHA, Riley finds himself locked under curfew, along with all the other under 18s. But when an explosive decompression threatens their lives, Riley’s forced to take charge and makes the shocking discovery. All their parents are dead. With three months before the next shuttle can arrive from Earth, Riley and the teens are forced to fend for themselves. Welcome to Mars. [Australia]

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