Three Of One Kind – Trailer

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Richie Babitsky
  • Producer: Perri Pierre/Richie Babitsky

Richard is a hopeless romantic. That is, he wants romance but he’s hopeless. Like many single men, he has an inflated opinion of himself. He’s quite good at overlooking his own flaws, so why can’t he overlook them in others? When his latest relationship crumbles, Richard invites an ex-girlfriend to lunch, thinking perhaps she was the one for him. In their one-sided conversation, Richard recounts his most recent love affairs and comes to terms with what he sees as his greatest flaw – he just hasn’t met the right woman! His last three relationships seemed to send him the same message. But will he figure out what it is in time to recognize the imperfect woman who’s perfect for him? [USA]


  1. Very nice trailer, great music selection and great acting as far as I can see. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Ottawa, Canada is with you guys 100%

    Jr Chaudry

  2. Peri is the superstar to be, he is so amaze, and did such a great job, 1000% for the trailer. I’m with you 1000% at all tims

  3. What a trailer !! Let’s VOTE for them. Good acting.

  4. really three of one kind great work congrats guys! love u bro!

  5. nice, keep it up

  6. Very Nice Congradulations bro. Keep it up…


  7. Perri Pierre is a genius!!! Nice trailer, very good image and sound quality…Montreal Canada always!!!

  8. Ron J Beliard says:

    Perfect storm. Great production.

  9. Great Movie man
    looking foward to see it soon.
    moune Okay avek ou papa. :)

  10. Great! So i invite all my facebook friends to vote for this trailer movie.

  11. Congratulations for the trailer Perri. No one can do better than that. I’m gonna do all my best to make you win. Moun Sen Lwi kanpe deye w’.

  12. Salut Perri,toutes mes felicitations pour ton talent,je te souhaite ”bon succes” God bless you…

  13. Congrats my st-Louisian – American, I am proud of you. keep going!

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