Voices of the Lumbee

  • Category: Documentary
  • Genre: Social Issue
  • Director: Dr. Jason S. Hutchens
  • Producer: Dr. Jason S. Hutchens

Voices of the Lumbee is a documentary about the ongoing struggles of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. It begins with an historical overview of the tribe’s rich cultural heritage, then moves into contemporary socioeconomic challenges faced by Robeson County, North Carolina; the home of the tribe. The story revolves around various individuals and groups committed to creating community initiatives to improve conditions in the area. Despite decades of economic and political struggles, the Lumbee continue to uphold a strong sense of pride and devotion for their culture. This is their story, told through their voices. [USA]


  1. Yes. We are a tribe of people that believe in GOD and trust him.

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