When the World Was Flat – Teaser

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Jonathan Lawrence
  • Producer: Jonathan Lawrence, Jordan Popowich, James Moore

Travis, Elliott, Jake and Troy have been friends since they were children. They coexist in a spectrum of idealism and realism and with a mix of absent and negligent parental figures, the boys thrive on one another’s loyalty, and boldness. Realist Travis, and dreamer Elliott, become the focus, for they exist, polarized by one another in an attempt to broaden their world from what is right in front of them. Their relationship is boundless and intimate; allowing sensitivity to fuel the fight for one another. But after an unexpected accident threatens that loyalty, they are left submerged in a web of loss that extends beyond their own, and into the lives of those around them.


  1. Lauren says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    How are you? Great trailer. It looks like you guys are filming right now from your FB page? That’s great. I am in development on my first feature as writer/director as well and have made a concept trailer. At the end of your trailer you have a link to your page on Facebook. I have something similar on my film’s website but yours here is embedded and it’s simple and I would love to have ours work a bit better. Would you mind telling me how you guys did that?

    If you’d like to, check out my feature thriller here: http://www.sweetdesertpalm.com/


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