White Men Cant Dance

  • Category: Fiction Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Peter Vinal

This film is based on a true story, It is a HD family break dance film, ‘White Men Cant Dance’ It is about a family that losses there grandpa, then the father loses his job unbeknownst to his wife. Then they find out that there only little baby girl will die if she doesn’t get a transplant. Financially broke and the fathers back against the wall, he calls his old dance buddies to get him back into shape to compete in a break dance competition with a purse large enough to pay for the operation and save his daughters life. It will give you inspiration, make you cry and laugh. This film has won the Accolade Merit Award of Excellence Feature Film, Award of Merit Comedy & Humor Feature, Award of Merit Lead Actor (Peter S.Vinal), and Award of Merit Writer/Director. [USA]

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