• Category: Web Series
  • Genre: Comedy/Sci Fi
  • Director: Tom Blomquist
  • Producer: Scott Richter

WHOA! centers around Corey Neiman (Mark Gantt), a recently divorced family law attorney who loses his Hollywood Hills home in a mudslide and is then conned by his ex mother-in-law (Linda Blair) into buying a condo in the Westerlies Homeowners Association (WHOA), a seemingly tranquil complex. Corey’s new home, however, immediately becomes his worst nightmare since his neighbors include mobsters, a hooker, horny seniors and gay porn stars, just to name a few. As if that weren’t bad enough Corey’s ex wife (Taryn Southern) lives across the courtyard with her gigolo boyfriend, and the Westerlies Homeowners Association President Theodore Willinghouse III (Leslie Jordan) is a power hungry little dictator who runs the WHOA like the Third Reich. [USA]



  1. Chris Owens says:


  2. I’d like to give a big shout-out to May Asai, the talented editor who created this trailer!

    May, you are amazing.

    Tom Blomquist
    Director of “Whoa!”

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