Because music was such a big part of this film, I decided to make two separate trailers for it to present how music and cryptic images can have a huge impact on a film’s message. That said, I wanted to see what I could do with two separate genres: suspense and drama. As both trailers imply, the movie has quite a few things going on. For example, there is intense violence and vague detail in one trailer, while the other seems to have a touching story between a man and a young girl. Read more

The way the concept for the film came about was bizarre really – one day I was just sitting, relaxing and doing nothing (as you do…). Then the idea for the film suddenly came to me from out of nowhere. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why have I never done this before?!’ the concept was so simple and original – I just needed to make it happen. Read more

“A phone call can change your life forever.” That’s the tag line for “Calling Soon,” an iPhone  feature in production from Spanish director Xavier Satorra. The finished thriller will involve  the participation of mobile moviemakers from around the world. Read more

The book trailer for Lilith runs one minute and forty-two seconds. The creation of the book represented by the trailer consumed 13 years. That saga of creativity matches the drama of the novel. In the words of the author Ambika Devi… Read more

There’s a story behind every interesting movie. No exception with “Clothes Time,” an animated children’s web series written and directed by Haven Mitchell. We’re pleased to have his reflections on the trailer and the valuable advice he shares.

IMTF: Haven, we’ve encountered scores of subjects in the trailers submitted to our Festival. But this is the first work featuring clothes. What inspired you to choose this topic?

HM: I’ve always been interested in animation. Most notable…Looney tunes while growing up in Oregon. I went through a lengthy divorce a while ago and found myself wondering, what are the simple things that make people happy? And I came up with the simple words…BEING APPRECIATED. I wanted to use animation and the world of “Clothes” as a metaphor for “APPRECIATION” because it will allow us to teach future generations to appreciate one another in the early stages of their lives. Read more

Magic Bullet is a short-film adaptation of The Cure – a feature film script I wrote mid-2010. In the process of seeking funds for the feature film, I decided to make a short and hopefully use it to pique investor’s interest in the feature. To make this short calling card more compelling I thought, “Why not shoot it on a smartphone?” Read more

New York City has been my home for seven years – and as I searched my own darkness, the Big Apple revealed itself to me.

I started writing detective novels at age nine, and then progressively tackled new genres, and new styles as years went by. By age seventeen, I was ready to go to film school. But life, and my father’s guidance, took me on a different path. I thought writing had been only a phase of my artistic youth. After all, I had to live on my own, and writing wouldn’t pay the bills – at least, that’s what my dad used to say. So I listened to him, and let my passion become a mere memory. Read more

Making a novel come to life is a thrilling experience. And when a team of talented people joined me to create a trailer for my fantasy story, pouring their hearts into the project, I just can’t express the thrill! Read more

The story of THE DEVELOPER originated from Hungarian cartoonist/filmmaker Robert Odegnal. This film is his work in all respects. From the birth of the idea through the detailed screenplay development and thorough pre-production, production and post-production of the film, Robert did basically everything. He imagined this world with its characters; he drew the storyboard based on his own comic Read more

It’s rare to be able to contribute to the beginnings of a new format in the creative fields. And yet, when novelist Gerard Bianco and Rare View Films contacted me about adapting “The Deal Master” into a book trailer – I knew I was. This was a chance to create a new type of content: a book trailer. Not a 30-sec TV spot with a couple of graphic images and a voice-over, but a high-quality book trailer done exactly like one for a film! Read more