Creating the “Stories from the Underworld” book trailer by Johanna Pitcairn

New York City has been my home for seven years – and as I searched my own darkness, the Big Apple revealed itself to me.

I started writing detective novels at age nine, and then progressively tackled new genres, and new styles as years went by. By age seventeen, I was ready to go to film school. But life, and my father’s guidance, took me on a different path. I thought writing had been only a phase of my artistic youth. After all, I had to live on my own, and writing wouldn’t pay the bills – at least, that’s what my dad used to say. So I listened to him, and let my passion become a mere memory.

The passion never died. While I spent years trying to fit into the mold, writing did pushups in the background. The failure of my marriage pushed me to the brink of insanity. I wanted an outlet. The only outlet I knew was writing.

Nine horror short stories were born from that emotional release. Stories From The Underworld is a collection of tales involving zombies, and psychopaths, but really, the characters reflect my journey through a really difficult time in my life. There’s pain, pleasure, and the constant reminder death is only the easy way out.

With the help of the very talented Kyle Rowland, composer, I experimented with the idea of filming a book trailer and scoring it like a movie. My iPhone in hand, we wandered the City one night, him recording sound, and me recording images. The subway is a very interesting environment – millions of commuters take it every day, and tunnels crawl with life. But at night, everything fades. The only life one can find in the subway, is the subway itself.

By editing the movie, I came up with the concept of a hunter turning into a victim, and looking for shelter. Drugged up after a stay at the hospital, the victim wants out, and walks around the City, not sure of where the safest place might be.

When the subway doors close, all bets are off. Stories From The Underworld helps you explore the darkness inside. Horror meets fantasy. Unleash the evil and see what it can do.

Stories From The Underworld is available as an e-book on and its other international sites. If you want more information about me and my other work as an author and filmmaker, check

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