Making “Justice is Mind: Evidence” by Mark Ashton Lund

The initial idea for Justice is Mind came to me when I was writing the sequel to a screenplay I wrote a few years earlier that I produced as a short film in 2007. In First World, a computer exists that can extract and replay memory in video form. When I was researching this ‘science fiction’ for possible science fact, I came across the 2009 60 Minutes broadcast of ‘thought identification’ and built the story of Justice is Mind.

Having grown up in the country in the 1970s with seemingly “perfect” families all around me, I put the Miller family in this setting. In the feature, the story starts off with beautiful weather days only to turn to what I call “MRI grey” as the bad news progresses down the story line. In the short film version, Evidence, we come right into the middle of the story. It’s grey, depressing and no sun.

Before we shot the short film over a three day weekend, the forecast was for thunderstorms. It would have been nearly impossible to shoot outside in that kind of weather. But I think Mother Nature read my script and knew what we needed. Oh she threatened us just enough but gave us the overcast we needed to make the atmosphere for Evidence work. Frankly, she saved us a lot of money in post!

With Evidence, I wanted to give audiences a taste of Justice is Mind while also providing them the very real possibility that someday our thoughts may not be our own—by the choices we make.

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