Making BROKEN ROADS by Justin Chambers

I’m a young filmmaker who took it upon myself after many experiences in this business to just create my own opportunity.  To be honest there isn’t anything I really do differently then the next filmmaker. But that combined with my overwhelming drive and motivation to make it in this business is what I believe sets me apart.

While attending Columbia, a film school in Tarzana, I knew that my thesis film would be my last opportunity to make a statement with my work, while grabbing people’s attention. So I created MANIFEST DESTINY ( I also created a trailer that was in IMTF first competition introducing me to the festival that has created a wide range of opportunities for young filmmakers and seasoned filmmakers alike to get their work seen by industry professionals. MANIFEST DESTINY was so well received by the industry and went on to win many awards, I knew everyone would ask me: “What’s next”? I was more than ready for that question. I presented those who asked with my screenplay BROKEN ROADS.

BROKEN ROADS paints a portrait of life with a contrast of darkness and light that is not often found in such stories. It tells the story of Aldo Russo who survives a traumatic car accident, in which his mother dies and he’s left to pick up the pieces. (

I’ve noticed that people in this business have been so secretive about their projects and not wanting to talk about them or tell anyone what they need to make their film happen.  We did the opposite; we told anyone who would listen. Each person we told might know someone who had the capital to take interest in our proposition.

That’s when the work begins. It is like any business transaction. You set up a presentation to this potential investor and you pitch them why they should invest in your film and why this film is different then everything or anything they’ve heard before. Also NUMBERS talk. Show them where the money can be made and how much, and you’ll find the script is the least of their concerns.

Making a movie like this, especially when you’re considered a first time director, is always an undertaking. We’ve all been making films but your first FEATURE is definitely a big deal. I am glad I was in the company of many seasoned professionals. Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland is a case in point. I believe she did her best work in years! People are going to leave the theater saying she is the reason we still go to the movies. She has an incredible body of work and I knew I was going to learn so much directing her. And I did. I also found a new belief in myself and what I was capable of. All those aspiring to be a filmmaker should try to gather up as much funding as possible and go out and make a film. Spending all this money on seminars, classes and such is great. But the real training comes by doing. It is invaluable experience you get when working on the set and dealing with situations first hand


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  1. Ronald says:

    Justin, this is great and I really want to speak to you
    about re-filming an interview with you. Take two please.

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