Making Grimswood by Andrew Devlin

Imagining the world of “Grimswood” was the set up for a challenge. Period setting, dramatic locations, special effects, worthy production values. Combine these with a zero dollar budget and you get an idea with where we first stood in creating this trailer.

“Grimswood” is a dark fantasy played against the backdrop of the Great Depression. A young boy is sent to live with his grandparents in the countryside, where he discovers his grandfather’s mysterious past as author of the world’s most renowned fairytales.

Enough difficulty lies in the logistics of putting together a simple piece of film with a reasonable budget, let alone a fantasy without a budget at all. To a bunch of tenacious filmmakers however, that is simply not enough reason to stop you from seeing out your vision!

Filmed in Melbourne, Australia; permission was given to hundred-year-old stone buildings, secluded pine forests and green-screen studios. Antique furniture, decorations and hundreds of leather-bound books were carted around by volunteers wanting to be a part of the fun and mayhem. Borrowed university equipment and home editing suites were the weapons of choice.

I believe that most people are willing to help out or donate to those who show passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and we were fortunate enough to have that in droves.

When cutting the trailer, there was an obvious “summer blockbuster” style in mind, though I find at some point in every edit, the natural beats present themselves, allowing you to re-work and fine-tune the cut to its own rhythm.

I hope this trailer is an example of what the fusion of talented people, hard work, patience, a little resourcefulness, and zero dollars can result in. It was a whole lot of exhausting fun to create, and I look forward to the project’s evolution in the future.

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