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Making of “The Deal Master” book trailer by Theo Zenou

It’s rare to be able to contribute to the beginnings of a new format in the creative fields. And yet, when novelist Gerard Bianco and Rare View Films contacted me about adapting “The Deal Master” into a book trailer – I knew I was. This was a chance to create a new type of content: a book trailer. Not a 30-sec TV spot with a couple of graphic images and a voice-over, but a high-quality book trailer done exactly like one for a film!

This strikes me as a particularly relevant concept. Over the last decade, trailers have become more elaborate and layered, calculated to appeal to the masses or to niche audiences. EVERYTHING is important: the cutting style, the choice of track, the font. We live in an era of blockbuster cinema in which the trailer of a film (the possibility of what it might be) sometimes bears more worth to us than the actual film! On the internet – a big trailer is going to be analyzed, dissected, deconstructed, trashed months before the film it is previewing will ever come out. And when that film actually comes out, beyond the opening week-end, chances are the social networks are already buzzing about the next big film whose trailer just got released… All this means that – for better or worst – trailers now have a narrative and stylistic language and audiences have learnt to read them very efficiently and without effort.

My goal – with “The Deal Master Trailer” – was to play with the conventional trailer forms, and create one that both relied on its aesthetics (dynamic edit) but also differed – leaving more to the imagination, infusing the mystery of Gerard’s novel in the very form of my adaptation. It was a fresh experience, and an incredibly exciting one. It felt like opening a door to a new world (that of the book) and letting the viewer get a sense of the tone and the characters, but shutting the door as soon as someone would want to go through it. All I hope is that the door was left open long enough so that the viewers were compelled by what they saw and extended this audiovisual experience to the literary one of “The Deal Master”.

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