Making OUT AT HOME by Helena Hilario

Over the past eight months, I’ve been developing a low-budget feature film entitled OUT AT HOME. It’s a thriller set in the world of professional baseball, inspired by true events, where a young baseball player, having reached the top, begins to panic over his performance and starts to take steroids, which in turn begin to give him blackouts. When he is suddenly implicated in a murder case, his life descends into a paranoid race against time as, betrayed by those around him, he must struggle to clear his name, whilst desperately trying to discover whether he did indeed commit murder.

The film has a projected low budget for the entire production and post production and It will be shot in May 2012. The 2.30min spec trailer was produced with a budget of 3,000 dollars. It was shot on the Red One Camera in 3 shooting days using 4 locations, 12 sets, 4 main actors, 50 extras and 23 people on the crew. This video serves as marketing and pitching material, showcasing what to expect from the film. Out at Home will capitalize the up-and-coming talented director Mario Pece and the Broadway star Patrick Boll.

The crew who worked on the trailer included people from different parts of the world, such as Brazil, Italy, England, Puerto Rico, US, India, Germany, France, who live in NYC and believed in the project. They dedicated their time and passion to make the trailer.

The IMTFestival was a great opportunity for exposure of the trailer. After the trailer was accepted for the festival, I launched the website, facebook page, youtube and twitter. The fans of the project voted massively during 3 days and it is currently in first place with more than 2,000 votes.

Official website: http://www.outathome-themovie.com

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