Making “The Garden Plot” by Lowe Haak

My work with a trailer starts with a pretty vague idea of what it should look like, for example, fragments, a bit of the start, perhaps one thing in the middle. Those ideas are often intuitive.

In the best cases I have an idea for a start, middle, and an end. In other cases I don’t. I always try to work out the trailer in my head first. When I’m tired of that, I start editing, even if I haven’t been able to work it all out. With the trailer to “The Garden Plot” I wanted it to look like a big blockbuster action movie and to follow that kind of trailer structure.

I like the theme of “the great within the small”. I didn’t want the trailer to be distanced, the joke is already obvious. I wanted it to look totally serious. I think it’s so much more fun that way.

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