Making THROUGH HER EYES by Jaysan Lunt

My film was made on the spur of the moment for a total budget of nothing. The entire cast, Libby Brockman, Sasha Kerdel, Christian Poppi, Bruce Robinson, Diane Worswick, Nicholas Brien & Dale Craig all volunteered their time and energy towards this great script. The crew
(Director of Photography, Lighting, Sound Recordist, AD, Key grip) was comprised entirely of Jaysan Lunt, who volunteered his time, equipment and skills because he felt the script had a great potential to go far. The Director Sasha Kerdel did an amazing job bringing to life the script, which was co-written by Sasha and Libby.

Voting so far has been AMAZING! Jaysan Lunt has personally sent messages to half of his facebook fan page and his personal fan page to BEG!! for votes. So at the time of writing this, the voting count was around the 1218 mark. Though this does not guarantee a win, it shows the support your family, friends and fans can really give.

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