Making Ugly

Making Ugly was filmed on an ultra-low budget of £7,000 gained through ‘targeted resourcing’, a phrase coined by the production team to describe our financial strategy. In our case, targeted resourcing involved a bartering system and a series of events aimed at grabbing the attention of different networks.

The bartering system was the main strategy for procuring locations, talent and resources. When a location was required, we would approach local businesses and offer publicity and film credits in return for the loan of their space. This system ensured that the financial and creative control remained in the hands of the production team.

The live events brought a whole new dimension to how we connected to potential audiences, collaborators and investors and were an integral part of the targeted resourcing campaign. We understood that their timing was crucial and scheduled each event to coincide with pivotal moments in the production: prior to filming, before editing began and towards the completion of post-production.

The first event focused on the filmmaking and arts community and happily brought on board our executive producer, Russell Dalgleish. The second celebrated the strong links that had been forged between businesses and the film, encouraging Making Ugly‘s lead post-production investor to join the team. The final event showcased the long trailer, attracting press attention and also building on the grass roots support for the film.

Our zeal and ability to prevail with the resources at hand proved our adherence to the film and was a determining factor in attracting investors looking for a secure and trustworthy project.

Our targeted resourcing strategy was a launch pad for the Making Ugly social networking campaign, with both the events and bartering system feeding into a burgeoning network of followers and supporters.

With the over-saturation of crowdfunding and kick start campaigns, we realised that Making Ugly stood the risk of stalling in the development stage waiting to gather the full budget. Instead, we went out and found the cast, crew, equipment, locations and investors and were ready to begin shooting within three months of receiving the script.

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