Making WACKO JACKO by Moe Irvin

The trailer was originally made to be its own entity as a reel for myself. I’m an actor who’s been interested in directing and was given the opportunity to direct after Clive Barker read a screenplay I wrote and offered to executive produce it and allow me to direct,…which I had never done before.

Long story short, nothing ever happened with it. I think, in part, because nobody knew who the hell I was, so I decided to make a reel for myself to show my vision and style so that I could pursue it again on my own. I met Jeanine Harris (producer) on the set of CSI:NY and we hit it off. I told her my plan and she asked to come on board as the producer. I found a DP( Pawel Pogorzelski) and Jeanine pulled together a great crew and got us our equipment for free. We shot the trailer in two days in downtown LA . The cost of the production was $800. We used a Canon 5D mark II and shot it at my buddy’s (Wacko production designer Jacob Whitmore) loft. We used the alley downstairs from the loft to shoot the exteriors.

Funny enough, the response has been incredibly positive and it’s kind of become its own project that I’m in the process of writing a full length feature for now. I started getting emails from people I’ve never met wanting to be a part of it so I figured I must have touched on something here. So now I press on. My plan is to make this into one of the most provocative pieces that you’ll ever experience.

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