Stage V

Mobile Moviemaking by Buddy Calvo

Buddy Calvo—who directed “STAGE V,” one of the finalists in IMTF’s cameraphone competition—talks about his experience using a mobile device to shoot his trailer.

This was our first time using a mobile device (iPhone 4S) to make a trailer–or any kind of video. When we heard about the “Lights! Cameraphone! Action!” competition, we thought it would be a cool experience and we welcomed the challenge.

There are some real benefits in shooting a video using a smartphone. The fact that it is so small and versatile makes it very easy to use and position it in spots that traditional cameras couldn’t go. There are also many affordable adapters, lens kits, and devices to use with that camera. The low prices make using smartphones a great choice.

One of the most important tasks is to light well. Since cell phone cameras weren’t designed to shoot trailers, you need to make the most of your light.

Knowing that we were shooting with a camera phone was liberating and less formal. It’s a form of guerrilla filmmaking that is really cool.

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