Oscar connection to Defiant Dude–IMTF 2012 Grand Prize Winner

If you watched the Oscars last night, you might’ve seen one of the producers of our film win an Academy Award for the documentary short film ‘Inocente.’ Jeff edited the film and went on stage last night along with Inocente and directors Sean Fine and Anderea Nix Fine to collect the Academy Award!

As he was preparing for the ceremony last week, Jeff was also producing an after-effects element for our film that included saving us about $1200 for an important shot that needed a critical frame-by-frame adjustment. Not only is Jeff a great editor, but he’s an awesome producer!

Here are a few shots from last night that you might appreciate!

(ps. we’re hammering away at the edit of our film, and still waiting on word from the USPTO. We’ll keep you posted as soon as Bo hears anything!)

Until next time!

Jim, Bo and the production team of ‘A Defiant Dude’!

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