SAVE MY SOUL: Insights by Roxi Khan

The way the concept for the film came about was bizarre really – one day I was just sitting, relaxing and doing nothing (as you do…). Then the idea for the film suddenly came to me from out of nowhere. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why have I never done this before?!’ the concept was so simple and original – I just needed to make it happen.

There were a few scenes that would normally be quite difficult to film in live-action; so I used a virtual platform to film the characters as it was the easiest and least expensive solution. I could simultaneously control many avatars to achieve the kind of action I wanted, without worrying about whether anyone was getting tired or bored during shoots. Even scheduling the shoots as and when necessary, therefore achieving a much smoother production. I could also do as many takes as I wanted until I got it right.

The film does have a few underlying connotations (spoiler alert). The film title itself “Save My Soul” shortened to SMS means ‘Short Message Service’ in texting language, as he is using this format to make a life changing decision. When the driver vanishes to the afterlife, he is asked to take his phone out and use it to send a message. This can also be perceived as him choosing to use the phone while he is at the wheel, even though you never actually see him using it when he is returned to the vehicle. It is widely known that using a mobile/cell phone whilst at the wheel can cause serious accidents.

At the end when you see him drive right through the little girl, as if she had suddenly become a phantom and was saved from injury, you initially think he made the right choice – you think he didn’t send the message and take the money. However, when he has the accident and ends up dead you begin to realize something is very wrong here – she is alive but he’s dead when he was supposed to live as well. When the little girl morphs into the cloaked figure, the meaning behind the Tombstone message in the man’s visions becomes apparent here as it says, ‘Our little Angel watches over us’ – denoting that she is the Angel of Death observing and watching everyone.

Even though you never saw the man sending the text message, he managed to send it in the brief second we were focused on the last drop of sand falling in the hourglass. In doing so, he actually sealed his own fate – the Angel of Death did say ‘someone’ would die if the money was chosen. The man just didn’t know it would be him that would die, as we were all lead to believe that the little girl would die from the accident.

Which now begs the question, if you haven’t yet will you choose to watch the film or not? Choose wisely…


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