The Making of Frostbite by Stewart Sparke

1962. The Arctic Research Vessel Tornado is on a routine resupply mission to a research station in the North Pole. Thrown off course by a terrifying blizzard and without a heading, disaster strikes and the ship is stranded in the inhospitable arctic ice. Hope arrives when the crew discover a submarine missing since the Second World War, frozen under the ice for over twenty years. But they soon find that what they uncovered was best left buried.


Frostbite is a proof of concept trailer for a proposed Horror/Adventure feature film which will strand the audience in the most dangerous environment on earth and prove that in the Arctic, the cold is the least of your worries. The trailer was created by Glass Cannon, a small independent production company based in York, England. The original concept began as a short film and went through many revisions before it was decided that a feature film was the only way to truly do justice to the story’s vast scale.


Prior to producing the trailer, Glass Cannon had produced several short 2D animated films which went on to win a number of awards internationally. However the production team had never attempted something as large as Frostbite so a proof of concept trailer was produced as an experiment to see if the concept could be accomplished on a small budget. With very little resources at hand, the crew had to call upon the generosity of local talent and the team at the Arctic Corsair, a museum ship moored in the north of England.


For post-production, a great deal of Visual Effects had to be completed to bring the harsh arctic environment to life. The production team were lucky enough to gain the talents of Jeff Blyth, a film director, writer and producer from America who has directed fiction and documentary films for Walt Disney Pictures. Jeff brought not only his great experience and guidance to the production but also his skills as a 3D animator, creating the computer generated HMS Tornado and Arctic landscape.


The end result of this collaboration is a proof of concept trailer that the entire production team are very proud of. A script for the Frostbite feature film has been written with the eventual goal of pitching the film to investors to raise the budget needed to make it a reality. Glass Cannon however, are under no illusion about how massive an undertaking a Frostbite feature film would be, particularly for such a small production company. With that in mind they continue to produce exciting and adventurous short films on a small budget with the aim of making every film bigger and better than the last until Frostbite is finally ready to be unleashed upon the world.


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