The Making of “Study” by Paolo Benetazzo

Study comes from a long introspective and experimental work developed over a period of five years. During my last year at the University of Padua, I became more and more fascinated by the study of psychology and its impact on modern life, so I seriously started considering exploring this connection in a full-length movie. Ireland with its capital Dublin came up to my mind as the perfect place to set this movie. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful natural landscape on earth and Dublin will be European capital of science in 2012, the same year of my movie release, so I guess that’s a good sign. Anyway, as I was saying, filming began in Ireland and went on for a year. The following four years were spent in Italy, precisely in the Venice area, shooting on small sound stages, composing the music and constantly editing.

This movie deals with central concepts in human existence from a psychological point of view. In order to take the human individual as the unit of this work I tried to build a unique relationship between the camera and myself. Most of the shots in this movie were made by myself without any other operators or film crew members, even during the acting parts. What I was looking for was to experience a filmmaking individualism able to push my creativity and sensibility as deep as possible. Working with an open screenplay until the end allowed me to melt frame by frame the role of producer, screenwriter, director, cinematographer and actor. It was like living a dream in hell, but I could feel the spirit of true independent cinema: one vision without any compromise. Every great movie I admire is distinguished by a unique expression of creativity and I think that’s the way it should be for myself too. If we are talking about art and not money, what’s the point in reviving something already done?

As far as the trailer is concerned, I mainly tried to express the atmosphere of the movie, emphasizing on some of its relevant themes. It’s a conceptual trailer in the end: a fragment of the human psyche. It aims at combining three states of mind: the introspective calm at the beginning, the persistent doubt in the middle and the anxious chaos at the end. People are watching the trailer and they’re asking me: “Is this a horror movie? Is it a thriller? What kind of movie is it?”, but honestly I believe it’s none of them. In fact, I couldn’t place it in any specific genre. There are dramatic moments, just like horror or thriller, but also romantic, realistic and even surrealistic ones. I rather think of this movie as an individualistic movie.

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