The Making of “White Men Cant Dance”

“White Men Cant Dance” was 10 yrs in the making. Written, directed, and starring Peter S. Vinal, the film has won 4 prizes including the Dove Family Sea award. This heart-warming family film, rated PG, is about a former breakdancer, who has just lost his Dad and his job. Now his precious six-year-old daughter is seriously ill and needs an expensive operation. Determined to raise the money to save his daughter’s life, he calls on his former dance trainers to get him in shape for an ‘old-school meets new school’ breakdance competition with a large cash prize.The finale is a dynamic breakdance competition featuring some of the best ‘B-boys’ from NY, California, & Puerto Rico.

Director Vinal employed a unique technique of filming up through plexiglass floors, integrating, track, boom, and steady, to create a four-dimensional look.

Making the film, inspired by a true story, was grueling. Vinal notes that, “It took 7 months to edit the dance scenes alone.”

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