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The story behind Haven Mitchell’s “Clothes Time” web series

There’s a story behind every interesting movie. No exception with “Clothes Time,” an animated children’s web series written and directed by Haven Mitchell. We’re pleased to have his reflections on the trailer and the valuable advice he shares.

IMTF: Haven, we’ve encountered scores of subjects in the trailers submitted to our Festival. But this is the first work featuring clothes. What inspired you to choose this topic?

HM: I’ve always been interested in animation. Most notable…Looney tunes while growing up in Oregon. I went through a lengthy divorce a while ago and found myself wondering, what are the simple things that make people happy? And I came up with the simple words…BEING APPRECIATED. I wanted to use animation and the world of “Clothes” as a metaphor for “APPRECIATION” because it will allow us to teach future generations to appreciate one another in the early stages of their lives.

IMTF: Can you share any interesting behind-the-scenes experiences with the crew?

HM: I worked closely with the animator (Thomas Moser, “Annoying Orange”) on the specifics in developing each character. From the facial mole on “Jelly Jeans” to the white “gloves” signifying the original appeal on each character, I wanted “Clothes Time” to have its own unique style.

IMTF: What drew you to filmmaking?

HM: As I child I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I read Beverly Cleary books and loved Looney Tune cartoons. I also gravitated to eclectic directors from Billy Wilder to Steven Spielberg. But ultimately “Toy Story” really fueled my imagination to put my ideal visually on film.

IMTF: How did you develop your skills – film schools, books, apprenticeship?

HM: I performed plays at El Camino College in Torrance. After graduating, I interned at Propaganda Films under David Fincher and Laray Mayfield. I also worked for Billy Bob Thornton for his Meathouse production Company. I learned a great deal regarding production, talent and casting developing my “own” unique identity to what I can bring to the entertainment industry. Billy Bob Thornton gave me some great advice: “Follow your own road. It may curve and veer and wind in circles but ultimately it’ll lead you to your very own unique destiny.”

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